How to do massage of hands

How to do massage of hands

Massage of hands restores force of the tired muscles and working capacity after strong and long physical tension, and also strengthens ligaments and joints, improves healing of soft fabrics and bones of hands after injuries, reducing hypostases and pains. Massage consists of strokings, pats, poshchipyvaniye, pressing, twisting, a pileniye, grinding and other receptions. All these receptions are carried out only in a certain sequence.

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Can make massage of hands to yourself, even without getting up thus, in the morning. At first apply the moisturizing night cream which will be ideally suited for any kind of massage, and one drop of water on hands. Mass roundabouts each joint and a finger separately - present that you put on gloves. After that, pass to massage of the back party of a hand. Having clasped wrists, continue to do massage of hands, rising to an elbow, further to a shoulder. Move hands, rotate them alternately to the left and to the right, squeeze in fists, then unclench, simulate playing a piano.


Not only the pleasant, but also tempering procedure is represented by water massage of hands which improves both a metabolism and blood circulation as in tissues of hands, and completely in all organism. Begin this massage of hands from a brush, pouring over all outer side of a hand, practically to a shoulder and come back, pouring already over a hand from the inside. Water massage of hands is an effective remedy for strengthening of heart, and also for prevention of his diseases.


Begin massage of a luchezapyastny joint of hands with the deep and superficial stroking turning smoothly into grinding of an elbow joint. Mass an elbow joint on all circle of an elbow, direct the movements - to an axillary hollow. Strongly thus try not to press - there pass the humeral vein, a humeral artery, nerves. Begin massage of a shoulder joint also with the stroking movement smoothly turning into circular grinding of joints.


Pay special attention to massage of fingers and brushes. After all if to trust east representations, on hands the set of biologically active points connected with the head, ears and eyes, lungs, intestines, all departments of a backbone and a bladder settles down. Start doing massage of hands and fingers with a little finger, practically from the middle of a nail. Mass a finger thumbs of both hands, freely and easily, roundabouts, in the direction from the first phalanx to the tip and, also, in the opposite direction, on 3-5 times. Then do the same massage of anonymous, index, big and average fingers.