How to remake the two-room apartment

How to remake the two-room apartment

At us in the country two-room apartments are very widespread. You should not consider them close and inconvenient as competent re-planning is capable to change really space, to give more necessary comfort and a cosiness. However it is necessary to consider that re-planning of the two-room apartment is not only construction and repair and finishing robots, but also registration of a large number of documents and coordination of the conceived changes with appropriate authorities of local government.

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Find out all features of the building in which to be your two-room apartment: learn year of construction of your house, what material was applied. Easier than all give in to re-planning of the apartment in houses of the 30-60th years.


Make the detailed plan of current state of the apartment and the project of the subsequent re-planning. By drawing up the project it is necessary to consider that entering of any changes into the bearing building designs (support, beams) are strictly forbidden. The project of re-planning is a document which has validity and describes a condition of your apartment after performance of all planned works. Re-planning is surely carried out at observance of construction norms and governed (Construction Norms and Regulations) and taking into account technical condition of your house.


Agree on the project of re-planning in the following instances: Sanitary and Epidemic Control (SES), body of a pozharnadzor, the asset holder or the owner of the house, architectural and planning management, housing inspectorate, and other bodies, depending on the made changes. Each coordination lasts from two weeks to one month in compliance with the law. Period of validity of each signature makes from three months to one year.


Provide the Coordinated project of re-planning for consideration in authorized government body at the Government of the Russian Federation depending on your area. The project of re-planning of the apartment will enter into force only after the statement it this organization. The authorized body has the right at discretion to request and other documents which non-presentation threatens with refusal of permission to re-planning.


Start directly construction works only after receiving a necessary consent of all listed instances. The illegal reorganization of rooms without registration of appropriate papers can lead to penalties, deprivation of the right of sale, an exchange, donation, the will of this apartment. The most serious consequence is sale of your apartment from the public auction without your consent through court.