What means a name Igor?

What means a name Igor?
The name Igor came from the word "var" that in translation sos the kandinavsky means: troops, force.
Igor is capable, the mathematics comes to him especially easily. It is quite irritable and stubborn. Likes to play sports, thus Igor born in the winter achieves great success, can become also the Olympic champion. It is externally similar to mother, and character inherits from the father.
Igor is usually patient though sometimes, despite the abilities, he does not manage to graduate from neither the institute, nor technical school. Often Igor achieves success in life, becomes the scientific or great head. Igor has always many friends.
Igor very jealous, in a family tries to reach a leading position and demand from the spouse that it did everything as he considers it necessary. The owner of this name - he is stubborn, but at the same time is able to adapt to a situation, quickly meets with people and also easily leaves. Igor is easy on rise.
From it the good engineer, the turner, the lawyer, the actor, the driver, the journalist, the teacher or the musician can turn out.