How to prepare a garnish from a celery?

How to prepare a garnish from a celery?
The garnish from a celery well to taste is in harmony with meat stewed, with the fried meat, with the fried hake. Such garnish from a celery root prepares. Here is how the garnish prepares.

It will be required to us: two - three fresh roots of a celery, salt, a floor of a glass of broth ready chicken or can be replaced it with usual water. And spices: ground pepper, salt, seeds of a thyme and couple Zubkov of garlic. Olive oil.

We prepare a garnish.
The root of a celery needs to be cleaned properly, then we cut it in cubes. Strongly small you should not cut, cubes have to be the average size or large.

Now we spread our cut cubes of a root of a celery in a stewpan and we fry on olive oil. Fire is done on all power, constantly we stir slowly. We fry so minutes three, then fire is reduced and we add a thyme, we add salt and small chopped garlic.

Here now we pour in broth (water) and on slow fire we extinguish cubes of a celery of minutes fifteen. The garnish leaves very fragrant and tasty. It is possible to make the blender mashed potatoes.

The garnish from a celery the hot moves. The garnish pours down sour cream and falls down greens fresh.
Bon appetit!