How to read notes

How to read notes

To learn to read notes correctly, for a start it is necessary to study them. Everyone knows names of 7 notes. However sounds in reality it is much bigger, than notes. The note of "SI" is followed again by a note "to" until hearing of the person there are sounds given to distinguish. In a sound row each subsequent note is slightly higher than the previous.

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Any note has the alphabetic reference - capital Latin letters. Since a note of "la", a letter are placed alphabetically: from "A" to "G". These designations should be known well, after all they are applied in chords. It should be notedIt should be noted that in Russia the note of "SI" is designated by a letter "H", and the letter "B" designate a note of "SI" with accidentals.

For the image of notes use special signs - the extended circles which are applied on a musical camp – 5 horizontal lines. Notes are drawn on lines if it is drawn through a circle, or between lines if the note is clamped between 2 lines. Before every line with notes the special key, in case of a simple guitar, as a rule, the violin settles down. The treble clef means that on the second lower line the note "salt" which is lost on the third open string is located.

The note is higher, the higher it is represented on a musical camp. Arrangements of notes on a camp alternate. For example, if on the line second from below the note "salt" is drawn, a little above between lines the note of "la" will settle down. And on the third line the note of "SI" and will be visible further.

If it is necessary to recognize, for example, two of them, it is necessary to know only that on the second lower line the note "salt" is located. To learn names of unknown notes, it is necessary to present all notes, since a note "salt", finishing with required notes, thus alternating their situation on a musical camp. Names of these notes will also go one after another, since a note not to mix "salt", the main thing, in what direction to consider. If the movement goes up, the subsequent note after "salt" - a note of "la", and in the opposite direction a note "фа".

Thus, to read notes quite easily, knowing this method of finding of the name lower or high notes, having remembered only one note of a melody on a musical camp. However, to represent, very many notes is necessary. In article reading was made from a note "salt" on the second lower line, but data the method works and from any other note which name is already known.