How to prepare mountain skiing

How to prepare mountain skiing

Downhill skiing – a fascinating hobby and fascinating sport, but sooner or later every year winter comes to the end, there comes the warm season, and skis should be cleaned till next winter. In order that skis served to you more long, it is important to store them correctly during inaction – and for this purpose each fan of mountain skiing needs to learn to prepare skis for summer "rest".

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For a start clear skis of dirt and wipe separately skis, fastenings, sticks and boots. Mix tooth-powder and liquid ammonia to a consistence of liquid sour cream and clear a surface of skis the paper napkins moistened in mix. The structure at the same time will clear skis of dirt and will polish them.


After cleaning once again wipe skis twice – at first a damp rag, and then dry. Remove with special solvent from the lower plane of skis greasing for sliding. Get internal boots and dry, it is rather good to wash up and dry up external boots.


Before weakening springs of fastenings, copy in a notebook of value of indicators, and then release springs, removing from them stress. Never store skis during the summer period with the springs of back fastenings which are in the cocked state.


Having released springs, apply a thick layer of paraffin on the sliding plane of each ski. It is also possible to use for this purpose special ski ointment. Rub with ointment edgings.


Insert internal boots after full drying into external boots, fill boots with the crumpled newspapers from within, and then clasp buckles and fasteners. Now the ski equipment can be cleaned on seasonal storage.


It is possible to store skis indoors in which there are no strong differences of temperatures and humidity. Establish skis for storage vertically, socks up, and do not connect them together. Do not suspend a stick, and put nearby. Turn ski boots soles up.