New Year tree the hands

New Year tree the hands
Already very long time the main attribute of a New Year's holiday is a fir-tree! Without it a holiday – not a holiday and mood at all not that. But how to be if the real fir-tree could not be put in the house or you for some reason do not want to put the real fir-tree? It is possible to buy it the artificial girlfriend: any size, with illumination and even the flavored. Such fir-tree will be stored in your storeroom and truly to serve on New Year's holidays for many years. And it is possible to approach a question of acquisition of a fir-tree creatively and to make it the hands. I also want to tell about creation of a design fir-tree to readers Mirsovetov today.
Options of design New Year trees there can be a great variety. It is not obligatory to be the professional designer at all to create the unique, one and only fir-tree. It is rather simple to include the imagination and to use the materials which are available in the house which are unused for a long time and wait for the fate. For example, saw option of creation of a fir-tree from old scores. Someone left two of their halves: one long party served as a trunk, short became its support, and twigs with bones took out and inserted sideways in the form of branches. Bones painted in green color. Voila! The New Year tree is ready. From here conclusion: if to show a little imagination and to make a minimum of efforts, your house for new year will be decorated with an original fir-tree moreover such at which all will look with admiration.
How "to catch" idea Below I will tell about several options of creation of design fir-trees, but you can think up something special, following simple logic: The form of a fir-tree is a cone or an isosceles triangle. Unreliable correct form. In some circles or in one. Choose that is closer to you. Color of a fir-tree – green? Of course, no. Yellow, white, blue, silvery or golden, any other – let your fir-tree will become a real miracle, absolutely not predictable. Top. Traditionally at a festive fir-tree the top has to be decorated. It can be a star, a sphere or any toy. And maybe, you will make the angel mascot who will protect your family. Fastenings. Think over, as well as than you will fasten details of the fir-tree, and consider that they have to be reliable and accurate, differently the fir-tree will not be able to stay all holidays. Mirsovetov reminds that the stapler, an adhesive tape (simple and bilateral), PVA glue, a usual thread and a needle are capable to help out practically in any situation. At desire it is possible to think over, as well as than you decorate the Christmas tree, or perhaps it will turn out such bright and beautiful that in additional ornament there will be no need.
Except decoration of own housing the design fir-tree can become a fine gift to your friends, acquaintances or the relative. Of below the described ideas for a fir-tree I took one in shop which sells weight tea and coffee. They offered as a gift a fir-tree from roses with serdtsevinkami-candies. In total on a fir-tree 50 centimeters high they placed 9 such flowers, but the price put, as for a decent box of candies with chocolate of the superior quality. Then the idea to make such fir-tree the hands, not the exact copy, and differently the issued idea with candies came to my mindmy mind.
That I used for their production: a crepe paper (it is possible wrapping packing for gifts), a cardboard, spangles, a rain, PVA glue, a bilateral adhesive tape, a thin transparent adhesive tape, the stapler, a foil, tapes for registration of gifts, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, candies (round different grades), candles for a pie, a usual candle, decorative candles – tigers (a symbol of the coming year), color paper for the printer, fluorescent paint.
The fir-tree on the basis of a cone For production of this fir-tree will be required to make of a cardboard a cone and a round leg for a fir-tree. For this purpose we draw a curve on a cardboard, height of a fir-tree will be 19 cm:
We cut out and stick together it a bilateral adhesive tape in a cone. The top will need to be cut off, approximately on 0,5-1 cm. This opening is required for fastening of the top.

Now we cut out a leg, its amount 14,5 (height) * 20,5 (width) see. On the one hand is there will be a top, do 4-5 uvulas for fastening of a leg to a fir-tree basis. We turn a tubule and also we stick together edge a bilateral adhesive tape.

Then we cut off a leaf of a foil 2-3 cm bigger, than height of a leg and we wrap in it the received preparation. Below we wrap a foil inside in the lower part, a transparent adhesive tape in several places we take edge of a foil that it did not puff up.

We will connect a leg to a cone after we decorate a fir-tree, differently will difficult fix flowers.
We received a basis. I made a fir-tree of roses (further there will be its description), but it is possible to make on this basis and other options, for example, it is simple to paint and decorate the top. To paste over with a foil. To do openings and with internal the parties to insert a garland. Generally, solve what will be your fir-tree on a basis "cone".
Now it is necessary to make roses for a fir-tree. We do serdtsevinka of candies. I took weight chocolates of allsorts without candy wrappers. In order that it was possible to fix to them flower petals, we wrap everyone in a foil:

The top is done smooth, and below we twist a foil that "stick" turned out, on it we will string leaves.
We do petals. For this purpose we to be necessary to make a curve of a cardboard. It will be a rectangle of 5*5,5 cm in size. The top part (about 1/3 rectangles) will need to be rounded off (to cut off corners) is a top of a leaflet. Now we transfer a template to paper and we cut out petals. It is possible to translate on one, and it is possible to cut off a strip of the necessary width, to put a gormoshechka and to cut out at once some petals. Look that thickness of future petals put together easily gave in to the taken scissors that edges turned out equal.

Having cut out enough petals (from a razschet on 7-9 pieces for one floret), we start forming leaves. It will be for this purpose necessary to make in the lower part 2 tucks to the center (on similarity of tucks):

Such "tucks" will help to make leaflets more volume and will give them the natural form. Then we puncture with a pricker or as I, made a thin spoke a hole:

If a pricker thin, an opening it is necessary to increase, I besides used a spoke, only thicker. As the crepe paper stretches easily, the opening turns out accurate. It is possible to prepare all leaflets, and then to form flowers. We put on petals a serdtsevinka leg, we overturn and we make out leaflets, they will need to be tightened up by means of a pencil though the crepe paper allows to make it hands easily. It is just necessary to stretch and straighten slightly it, nails having tightened up edges. At us such flower will turn out here.

I needed only 27 such florets. One on the top, is 4 circles farther on 3, 5, 8 and 10 flowers, respectively, from top to down. At first we fix a rose on the top, having inserted it into the opening done at once, and from within we fix to a basis an adhesive tape (I fixed bilateral, as it more sticky, than a usual adhesive tape).
Then we do three openings by means of a pricker or thin scissors at identical distance and at one level. We insert into them serially roses, inside we bend a leg and also we fix an adhesive tape. Such way of fastening will press petals to a fir-tree basis, but if necessary it is possible to record them by means of a bilateral adhesive tape in one place:

The following row is formed by the same principle of five flowers:
Now from eight:
And the last row – from ten:
Now by a bilateral adhesive tape it is fixed a leg to a cone. Press uvulas to the leg basis that the adhesive tape was not pasted ahead of time more feasibly. We implant a leg against the stop into a cone, and then by means of scissors (or hands if it turns out) we press uvulas to a basis:
The New Year tree is ready, it was necessary to dress up it. For this purpose I made three bows of a tape for gifts:
From a reverse side pasted three stripes of a bilateral adhesive tape:
To these stripes, starting with lower, pasted a rain. For this purpose took a long thread of a rain and cut off the necessary length (about 19-21 cm, on fir-tree height):
Also received here such nice bows "having a tail":
Fastened bows among themselves with the stapler, placed on the top of a fir-tree and recorded in several places the stapler to petals. Then straightened evenly a rain. That's all! The New Year's fir-tree is ready:
We put on a support, we pack (if we do it as a gift) and we wait for arrival of guests.
The fir-tree on the basis of a pyramid very much was pleasant to me this idea – to create a fir-tree steps in the form of a pyramid. Wanted to make it "glass" of the whole ampoules with vitaminka, but could not find the necessary quantity and replaced them with candles for a pie. In general, by such principle it is possible to put on steps anything, to decorate the top and the stylish fir-tree will turn out.
For a basis we need to cut out steps. We take a cardboard and we draw five circles by means of compasses (it is possible more): the first with a diameter of 2 cm, the subsequent are 1 cm more, that is 3, 4, 5 and 6sm. And it is possible to lead round simply various subjects on accruing, the main thing that the edge was sufficient for placement of fir-tree "needles" on it:
And for giving of height to steps we cut strips 2 cm wide:
All circles and strips have to have uvulas for fastening among themselves. We fix besides a bilateral adhesive tape (as it quickly, conveniently and reliably). Not to lose with a length of strips and not to calculate necessary, we do them randomly, and then we fix gradually a circle uvulas, surplus it is cleaned, the edge is fastened with an overlap:
Such details of different diameter turn out here:

It is possible to cut out, as shown in a photo, serdtsevinka and to fix details among themselves from within, and it is possible to leave and simply to attach to top. Do as it will be more convenient to you. Such pyramid turned out here:
Now we cut out a circle of any diameter, but more than the bottom of a pyramid is there will be a support:
Also we wrap it in a foil:

Now we take paints and we paint a fir-tree, I chose green color:

When paint dries, we fix a fir-tree to a basis a bilateral adhesive tape, having slightly displaced from the center to edge:
While the fir-tree dries, it is possible to prepare candles (or something another). Candles (4 packings on 24 pieces), PVA glue, spangles of one or several flowers, unnecessary boxes and a bilateral adhesive tape will be necessary for us.
We fix on a box on perimeter an adhesive tape and we tear off a protective layer:
On a draft sheet of paper we pour glue and we dip in it a candle bottom:
Then we lower it in bank with spangles and carefully scrolling, we paste over with spangles:
We press a candle bottom to a sheet of paper that it was not convex from spangles, and it is fixed to a box on an adhesive tape:

When all candles are pasted over, we leave them for 2-3 hours to dry.
We start collecting the prepared candles and a basis in a fir-tree. For fastening of candles I decided to use liquid paraffin. For this purpose it is necessary to take any candle or a candle end and to set fire. When paraffin melts, to pour out it to the place of fastening, to establish a candle and to allow it to cool down:

It will be very reliable to hold paraffin, but process laborious and you should not hurry as if you release the established candles before paraffin completely will cool down (and not just from above will undertake a crust), candles will be lop-sided and will roughly stand.
Now, when all fir-tree is collected, we fix on the top a bow from a packing tape by means of an adhesive tape. Near a fir-tree we put a tiger cub Father Frost.
Also we put gifts as which I used the remained candies in a foil and only decorated them with bows from a very narrow tape:

And a small bonus for readers Mirsovetov. If you attentively watched photos, noticed leaves from color (tiger) paper:
We made flowers of these leaves, by the same principle, as rosettes. Candies in candy wrappers are inserted into a serdtsevinka, and legs are made of color paper for the printer and decorated with a rain:

Here such interesting gifts or jewelry for the holiday can be made the hands. Think out, dream, let New Year's holidays will become for you bright and unforgettable! handmade, fir-tree, production of a fir-tree, cone, New Year tree, new year, pyramid