How to remove mail agent history

How to remove mail agent history

The history of messages, as well as computer desktop basket, always has to be cleared. On the one hand, storage of old and insignificant conversations takes a little place in a mailbox of system. But with another, for years of active virtual communication the weight of archive can significantly reduce the volume of a post limit by

It is required to you

– a name and the password from a post account in and the installed Agent application for usual cleaning of archive;
– the computer with Internet connection for remote cleaning of archive of the kept messages.

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Start the Agent. In a dialog box enter a name and the password from the post account and press the Enter button. After loading, it is necessary to choose the interlocutor correspondence with which needs to be removed. If the archive has to be completely cleared, it is necessary to clean archive of messages of each contact serially.

Press contact by the right button of a mouse and in the opened dialog box press the Archive of Messages button. There is one more way to enter into archive. Open a dialog box with the double pressing of a mouse chosen by the interlocutor on contact. In the left top corner the button "Archive" is located.

Choose messages, necessary for removal, in the left block of the opened window. It is necessary to remember that the archive synchronizes messages on entering, proceeding and a shared folder for all messages with the chosen interlocutor. To remove some messages from dialogue it is possible to use the search line located in the right part of a dialog box. Also the archive allows to choose messages manually, scrolling all history of correspondence. To remove the message it is necessary to allocate it with unary pressing of the left button of a mouse and to press the Remove button in the right block of the menu. And if it is required to clear completely correspondence history, it is necessary to use the Remove Everything function located in the same part of a dialog box.

Use a remote way of removal of archive in case you use the computer on which the Agent is not established. For this purpose open the portal and enter the mailbox. After that press the Archive of Messages of of the Agent button located in the left vertical menu of the page. After that the system will request again to enter the password into system and after successful identification, remote access to archive will be got. All stories of conversations are stored on contacts. It is enough to choose the interlocutor correspondence with which needs to be removed, and to choose messages. After pressing of the Remove button correspondence with the interlocutor disappears irrevocably.