How to make a bull

How to make a bull

You the person creative and want to make in free time something the hands, but do not know with what to begin? Begin with simple, for example, be engaged in a molding of figures from plasticine. Remember that all start doing it in the childhood, in kindergarten or at home under supervision of adults. Therefore certain skills, most likely, remained with you. Plasticine can be used and for technical hand-made articles, but better to begin with figures of birds, animals or people. Take "occasion by the forelock", and begin with a figure of this bull.

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Be prepared for process of a molding. Do it best of all on a substrate (a plate of a tree, plastic or plexiglas), and secure a table against undesirable consequences – cover it with an oilcloth or dense paper as you will hardly be able to clear furniture of plasticine which contains fatty acids. Take care of sufficient illumination of a workplace.


Start reproducing the skills from a molding of Basic Elements. For example, make a sphere of any plasticine slice. For this purpose knead properly it in hands and roll between palms by means of roundabouts a ball.


To make the roller, besides knead a plasticine slice and roll progress of palms back and forth.


More difficult figure – a cone, it is possible to make of a ball. For this purpose roll the ball made by you in the roller, pressing down it between palms on the one hand is stronger, than with another.


Still it is possible to make a flat cake of a ball if to put a ball on a plate, to cover with other plate from above and accurately to press down.


To pick up desirable color, can mix plasticine - thus both multi-colored, and monophonic slices turn out. To mix plasticine, take slices of the necessary color, roll from them a sausage, bend it in half and again roll in one sausage and so until receive desirable result.


Having seized such here rather "primitive" equipment of a molding, pass to plasticine figures. At first imagine a figure of a bull, make the sketch for work or use already ready drawing, the photo.


Process of a molding of a figure of a bull after the listed exercises does not represent special complexity. Stick together separately a trunk, feet and the head of a bull, then connect the stuck together parts by means of a special wooden or plastic stack.


Let's talk a little about formation of the head. Roll a ball from plasticine, then by means of the thin end of a stack (it is possible a match head) create dredging for eye-sockets and by means of the sharp tool (a needle, a pricker or toothpicks) attach a plasticine no more than 4 mm long slice slightly below than eye-sockets. Then make pupils of eyes of white and black plasticine, establish them by means of the sharp tool in eye-sockets and press stacks. Apply the same technology to production of ears. Create other parts of a muzzle of a bull and finish finishing of the head, having smoothed all seams with a stack or the pointed match. Do not forget about a tail.