How to check the diploma in number

How to check the diploma in number

It is known that there is rather extensive market of trade in counterfeit diplomas. In particular, there is a set of the Internet sites offering similar services. But how the employer can be protected from similar deception? For this purpose there is an opportunity to check the diploma in number.

It is required to you

- the diploma needing check.

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Try to communicate directly in educational institution which diploma was gained by your worker or the competitor of a position. For this purpose find phone of the secretariat according to the name of higher education institution. It can be made by means of the reference book of educational institutions or organizations. Ask a question about phone to the employee, whether it is possible to gain information on, whether really the diploma with certain number it was issued addressed to the specific person.

In case of refusal to grant your request by phone make official inquiry in educational institution. It has to be made in the form of the letter in which it is necessary to specify number of the diploma, year of the termination of higher education institution, specialty and a surname, a name and a middle name of the person who belongs the document on education. Also refer to the law under which you can receive similar data. The letter has to be written addressed to the rector and is certified by the press of your organization. In some higher education institutions can also demand acquaintance with this inquiry of the recipient of the letter. It is expressed that the competitor puts under the text the surname, initials and the signature.

Send the made letter by mail the registered mail. Through certain time the answer about has to come from university, whether the diploma with such number is registered in their databases and whether really it belongs to the specified person.

In case for some reason it was not succeeded to receive the reply of higher education institution, you can send a request in Federal agency by training. Its address and phone can be found on the official site of the organization -