How to make the motion sensor

How to make the motion sensor

The already many estimated convenience of use of motion sensors in the house — the light when you enter the room, various equipment is automatically turned on. To assemble such sensor many aspire the hands in hope to save. Not the simplest decision, but quite possible.

It is required to you

The FD 265 photo diode, the RES55A relay, transistors, resistors, the power unit on 5B, the voltmeter, a soldering iron, wires, a laser pointer, water laying, a screw.

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The first stage of work consists in preparation of food for the sensor which will work by default constantly. For this purpose take the power unit, cut off from it the socket and define where there are "plus" and "minus" by means of the voltmeter.


Solder the resistor 10kom to plus.


It is necessary to solder the photo diode to the resistor soldered to plus the cathode.


The photo diode anode by means of soldering is attached to the so-called tuning resistor. To its minus solder the transistor emitter, and connect a collector to the VT1 base soldered and to R1.


Further such elements connect: the VT2 emitter with minus, contact of the relay with VT2 collector. Other contact of the relay accustom to drinking together with power unit "plus".


As it is simplest to organize the sensor on the basis of a laser pointer, creation that will become the following stage of work. In general the same power unit will approach. For this purpose it is necessary to solder two more wires in the block in parallel with the available.


Take a screw, insert it into water laying and all together, a hat inside, insert into a pointer — the hat of a screw has to rest against the spring which is available inside.


Now connect a wire from food to a screw, and push another between the case of a pointer and laying.