Whether harmfully is after six evenings?

Whether harmfully is after six evenings?
Practically all female population and considerable part of the man's it is anxious with a problem of excess weight. With what only diets the people of do not exhaust for the purpose of weight loss! Among the most demanded ideas there is a postulate: "Is not after six evenings". Whether it is right?

Our organism lives on biological rhythms according to which since evening all processes including digestion are slowed down. Therefore it is impossible to overload a stomach for the night. But in how many at you there comes night?

If you go to bed at 21 o'clock, is not after six - your rule. Permission of a dilemma "it is impossible to starve itself" and "harmfully to go to bed with a full stomach" decides very simply. It is necessary to take away two from time of your usual falling asleep - three hours are and there will be that the doctor registered!

Good luck!