How to adjust e-mail

How to adjust e-mail

Even if you already have e-mail box, quite often there is a need to create one more. And at the representative of the senior generation of an electronic mailbox can not be absolutely. Modern post services allow to create boxes with a capacity up to several gigabytes.

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Choose the server on which you want to get a mailbox. If he at you not the first, is recommended to choose such server on which you still have no box.


Pass to a main page of the web interface of the server.


Follow the link or press the button (depends on the server) under the name "Registration". Sometimes it is called in a different way, for example, at the server "as Yandex. Mail" - "To get mail".


Enter the following data:

- a name and a surname (it is not possible also artificial, but then you will be able to recover the password, using the passport);
- login (user name);
- password;
- answer to a confidential question;
- the address of any of the available boxes, at their existence;
- number of the mobile phone for recovery of the password (if such field is);
- interpretation of a kaptcha.

On some servers these data need to be entered into some stages.


In case login was busy, think up another or choose one of several automatically offered options.


Make the password difficult. In it should not be:

- words which are in dictionaries;
- phone numbers;
- numbers of cars;
- birthdays, wedding, name-day;
- the sequences consisting only of figures;
- any other data which can be known to malefactors.

The best password is such at which at the same time there are capital and lower case letters, figures, punctuation marks. Surely write down the password on paper. At the beginning you should get this paper every time when it is necessary to enter a mailbox, and then you remember it.


As the answer to a control question best of all enter chaotic sequence of symbols (much longer, than the password) which also without mistakes copy on paper.


If it is offered to you to enter into a form on the site the code received according to the SMS enter it. This way of confirmation has nothing in common with fraud which some practice "comic game services" (there after input in a form of the code received according to the SMS the large sum is charged off an account of the subscriber).


After completion of registration enter a mailbox, using the login and the password which are given out to you.