How to behave at the airport

How to behave at the airport

In order that stay in the airport did not become the reason of a nervous breakdown, it is necessary to observe security measures, to follow instructions of staff of customs and not to violate the rule of conveyance.

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Come to the airport beforehand. Registration for the international flights begins in 2,5-3 hours and this time interval comes to an end in 40 minutes prior to take-off, for internal flights less. Registration and registrations of baggage in 2 hours opens, and comes to an end for half an hour to a departure. You can specify more exact information on the site of the airport. Remember that some airlines give opportunity to pass online registration on the site, it will relieve you of expectation in turn.

Pass preflight control. It is carried out on an entrance to the airport. Place baggage and hand luggage on a conveyor tape, pass through metal detectors.

Find front desks of passengers. For this purpose study an electronic board, find number of your flight, you will see information on its status: registration began or is postponed, where exactly it is made.

Approach a front desk, place baggage on special scales. Provide to the employee of airline the passport and the ticket. If you made out the electronic ticket, there is enough only the document proving the identity on the basis of which transaction was made. In case of excess of the weight, admissible for baggage, pay an additional contribution, the employee on a front desk will prompt to you where it is possible to make it. Receive a boarding pass, do not lose it. If you make internal flight, pass to landing gate aboard. Remember if you take the subjects which are subject to the obligatory declaration to you it is necessary to pass along the so-called red channel with obligatory examination.

Go to a zone of passport control. Provide to the employee of customs the passport. After verification it will put down in it a mark about a departure. After that pass in a customs control zone. Take off footwear and clothes, place everything in special containers, put on a conveyor tape, pass through a framework of scanning or the metal detector. Lighters, hours and belts also should be removed.

Make purchases in the zone Duty Free or go to landing gate. Their number can be found on a boarding pass.

Do not drink alcoholic drinks in the airport building. Remember that the alcohol acquired in the zone Duty Free is forbidden to be unpacked.

Smoke only in specially taken away places.

If you travel with the child, you can use the services "Rooms of Mother and Child".

Study rules of conveyance and liquid in planes. They are uploaded to the websites of the airports.

11 do not create conflict situations, do not accept at unfamiliar persons subjects for transportation in the plane.

Do not leave 12 without supervision of children and subjects of hand luggage.