How to define the muscular tone

How to define the muscular tone

If you came to be engaged to the sports hall and do not know, what program to choose - for beginners or for athletes with experience, - then information will be interesting to you below. For a right choice of the program it is necessary to define the muscular tone, and to make it not so difficult as it seems.

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Define flexibility of muscles. Carry out some small tests to understand as far as your muscles flexible.
At first get up, having put feet together. Bend forward, without bending knees. If hands do not fall below knees – deliver yourself 0 points. If can reach to a foot – 1 point. If touch by palms a floor – 2 points.
Then sit down on a floor. Extend and move apart as much as possible feet. Now bend down forward. If can put only palms on a floor, deliver yourself 0 points. If is able to touch by elbows a floor, can write down to yourself 1 point. If it is possible to put on a floor the head and a breast – 2 points.


We determine muscular force. Here everything is simple. Begin with push-ups. If can be wrung out less than 5 times – deliver to yourself 0. And if it so, it is worth reflecting on purchase of the subscription to the sports hall. If are wrung out 5-10 times – deliver to yourself 1. Though here to be proud there is nothing. If are wrung out more than 10 times, deliver yourself 2 points.
Then we lay down on a back, hands for the head, feet are bent. Raise a trunk, without touching with a back a floor. If could make less than 10 times – a shame, 0 points. If can make 10-20 times, deliver yourself 1 point. If more than 20 times – 2 points.


We define endurance of your muscles. Here we do exercise "corner". The back leans on a wall, knees are bent at an angle in 90 degrees. That is we pretend to be that we sit on a chair near a wall, but the chair any is not present. If cannot sustain so more than 1 minute - deliver yourself 0 points. If stick to 1-2 minutes – then put to yourself 1 point. If more than 2 minutes – 2 points.


Count points and define the muscular tone. If you in all exercises saved up 0 - 4 points, the form at you leaves much to be desired. If you have 5-9 points, muscles at you in a satisfactory condition. If gained 10 points – can consider a tone of the muscles in an optimum state and pass to more serious trainings.