How to make balance of bank

How to make balance of bank

Balances of banks is important economic information, on its basis the organization of banking is made and management of all bank activity is improved. Balances of banks serve as a control device from government bodies behind development of the monetary and credit sphere in the state. The management of bank, being verified with balance, estimates the end results, efficiency of activity of bank, defines further policy in development of bank operations.

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By drawing up balance of bank be guided by methodical recommendations of Bank of Russia according to which grouping of balance accounts is carried out under articles of balance.


In an asset you have to submit six articles. Enter reflection in the first article of "Money, accounts in the Central Bank". Include cash desk of bank, other money together with assets of commercial bank in the Central Bank. Here data on correspondent account in the Central Bank enter.


The second article includes information on deposits poste restante and the loans granted to other banks. Here data on correspondent account of your bank in other banks will enter.


Into the third article enter data on "Investments into securities, shares and actions". Include the sums of investments in stocks of joint-stock company, the organizations, information on the state and non-state debt obligations. Here the amounts which your bank transferred to the enterprises for carrying out economic activity enter.


Include the sums of all loans which the bank gave out in the fourth article. Here percent on loans which belong in category delayed less than 30 days will enter.


The fifth article is article of fixed assets with intangible assets. Include fixed assets in it, considering the corresponding wear and an overall cost of intangible assets.


The sixth article provides transfer of "Other assets". Include other assets in it. The sixth article the invaluable stock taking into account wear, calculation between establishments which are controlled by bank, receivables having a temporality, receivables on capital investments, the cost of expenses of future periods is subject to the account. The bank owning the license for implementation of operations with precious metals brings account 050 rest, precious metals in the sixth article.


Enter a total amount of the previous six articles in the seventh article.