How to recycle paper

How to recycle paper

All consumer waste is suitable for processing. However not all from them are processed, in view of high cost of the equipment for processing or other factors. However it is possible to recycle paper and in house conditions. So, we will understand as to recycle paper in bugorchaty laying for eggs.

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Divide the waste paper into groups, considering a type of production (a cardboard it or paper), structure (from wood or cellulose), color (light, dark, white, etc.), dissolution speed in water, etc. Unnecessary newspapers will be suitable for production of a box for eggs.


Start paper dissolution, having put it in special solution. For this purpose it is necessary to take water to which it is necessary to add a special 6% hydrothinner. Under the influence of these materials paper is completely crushed and divided into fibers.


Filter the received weight through a sieve that the remains of water did not disturb further process of processing. Thus it is necessary to filter paper stock in two stages - at first through a large sieve, and then through small.


Clear the received weight of slices of wood and other substances. Prepare solution from wax, paraffin and glue in equal proportions. Add the filtered paper fibers to warm weight, then carefully mix the received weight.


Take plastic deepenings for eggs. Such deepenings can be got in household shop or it is simple to remove from the refrigerator. Process a form sunflower oil from that party which is put on a table, that is the form has to stand egg deepenings from top to bottom. Thus it is necessary to apply oil on a wadded tampon and it is simple to miss the mark a form.


Fill in the received weight on a form and put in a cool place for 30 minutes. After that separate the stiffened form from that which was taken in the help. The egg tray is ready - can safely spread eggs in it or distribute similar creation to the friends and relatives. Such product in particular is useful to the people breeding hens and geese.

Attention! At will it is possible to add food dye to the weight received for hardening to give to a tray a certain color.