How to prepare a girasol fritters?

How to prepare a girasol fritters?
Girasol - very useful vegetable, it contains a set of useful substances, a wide set of vitamins and mineral salts. From a girasol it is possible to prepare very tasty fritters. Such dish quickly and simply prepares.

So, to prepare a girasol fritters it is required:

500 grams of a girasol,
2 pieces of eggs,
3-4 tablespoons of a flour,
2 glasses of curdled milk,
3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil,
salt to taste,
1 teaspoon of a baking powder,
greens to taste.

Tubers of a girasol to clear and rub on a large grater, to add warm curdled milk (it can be replaced with serum, buttermilk or kefir), to add eggs and vegetable oil, it is good to shake up. To add a flour with a baking powder (it is possible to replace with soda), salt. At will it is possible to add melkoporezanny greens (fennel, parsley, etc.). It is good to mix dough.

On a frying pan it is necessary to warm vegetable oil, to bake fritters on the heated frying pan, to fry from two parties. To give with sour cream. Are tasty both hot, and cold.

Bon appetit!