How to disconnect AON in phone

How to disconnect AON in phone

Function of automatic detection of numbers is very often available in the presence of the corresponding point of settings in the menu of phone, however to disconnect it not always happens simply.

It is required to you

- the instruction to your phone;
- numbers of technical support.

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Study the instruction to the telephone set. Come into its main menu and find function of inclusion of automatic detection of number in the section of management of calls. Find point of its deactivation if that it is not provided, try to press inclusion of AON again.

If the status of function did not change, address to firm seller of the device if it is affected still by a warranty period. If it expired, address to service of technical support of the producer of your device or look additional for information at various technical forums regarding production of this brand.

To switch off function of automatic detection of number in Panasonic phone, come into the menu of inclusion of this service and choose its shutdown in a context menu. Also in some models separately of such function it is not provided, in this case simply make return to standard factory settings in parameters of system.

After that check, whether function of automatic detection of number in your device was disconnected. In such phones tuning is performed very difficult therefore, best of all, entrust it to sellers even upon purchase if badly understand the menu of the device, or consult with the knowing people incidentally not to change unnecessary settings.

If you cannot find control of shutdown of AON in your device, address to service of technical support of local telephone exchange in order that this service to you was disconnected by service provider. Most likely you should fill in the special form statement, and after, after time of processing of the document, automatic detection of number of the subscriber calling you will be disconnected, and for repeated activation of this function you also should file to your service provider of a telephony a petition.