How to prepare a trout with mushroom sauce

How to prepare a trout with mushroom sauce
How to prepare a trout with mushroom sauce

Nutritionists recommend to include in a diet a trout regularly. This fish is rich with polysaturated Omega-3 fatty acid and contains the low level of cholesterol. It possesses fine tastes and gentle texture. The trout is well combined with mushrooms and vegetables. Steam it usually, fry or bake in an oven and give with various sauces.

The preparation time of 23 minutes is required to you 500 g of fillet of a trout; 200 g of fresh mushrooms; 3 tablespoons of white table wine; 1 tablespoon of a flour; 2 tablespoons of butter; black ground pepper; salt. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare a Trout with Mushroom Sauce" How to prepare foie gras How to prepare meatballs How to prepare rolls fish with oyster mushrooms


Wash up trout fillet, dry and cut on portion pieces which lay in one row in a superficial pan.

Carefully wash out mushrooms (champignons or white), clean and slice the large.

Between pieces of fish put mushrooms in a pan.

Salt everything, strew with pepper, pour in white table wine, a glass of water (or fish broth). Cover a pan, put on average fire and extinguish minutes 15-20. Pay attention that fish has to be shipped in liquid approximately on 2/3 thickness of a piece.

Instead of water for preparation of a trout according to this recipe it is better to use the broth which is previously cooked from bones and fish cleaning. It can also be prepared from the heads (without gills), a tail and fins. Properly wash out bones, put in a pan with cold water and cook on average fire of 40-50 minutes, having added the cleaned and cut onions and a root of parsley. Filter ready broth through a sieve.

When fish cooks, merge the received broth in other pan, put it on slow fire and boil broth until it does not remain about a glass. Mix an incomplete tablespoon of a flour with the same amount of butter and add to fish mushroom broth. Continuously stirring slowly, boil sauce of minute 3-4. After that remove a pan from fire, put one more slice of butter and again carefully stir. Oil has to connect to sauce. Then add salt and filter sauce through the gauze filter.

If fish cooked without wine, it is necessary to add a teaspoon of lemon juice to ready sauce. It is possible to use the divorced lemon acid.

When giving on a table shift boiled fish to the warmed-up dish, on each piece put mushrooms and sauce.

To fish it is possible to serve boiled and fried potatoes, salad, fresh and fresh-salted cucumbers, and also lemon slices.