How to open the jammed door

How to open the jammed door

Irrespective of the fact which doors at you are established – wooden or metal, expensive or cheap, – you can appear in a situation when jams them. If you manage to understand the reason of this problem, it will be much easier to open the jammed door.

It is required to you

- fan heater;
- knife;
- brush;
- lubricating oil;
- syringe or butterdish;
- metal or wooden wedge;
- hammer.

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Look, whether there are at doors wooden elements. In the conditions of high humidity the tree very well absorbs moisture even from air therefore the reason of jamming can be in swelling of wooden surfaces. If matter in it, try to accelerate wood drying process – warm up it warm air from the hair dryer or a heater like "Breeze".

Pay attention that decorative glass elements can burst at strong heating. Besides, watch that was not near flammable subjects. If you managed to dry up and open a door – try to reduce further load of it, more rare to close and open or to podtesat problem places, whenever possible, a little.

Perhaps, jammed doors because of paint or the small litter which got between a box and a door cloth, in that case try to clear a surface. A knife or a rigid brush walk on a door crack, paying special attention to probes, bolts, latches.

If jammed the door lock, try to oil at first it lubricating, WD-40 or kerosene from within. Fill in liquid in a syringe or a butterdish with a long nose, drop in the lock and try to turn a key.

As a last resort try to disassemble the lock. Untwist all possible screws, pull out all details. Try to pull out the lock. As a rule, being from within, it is much simpler to make it, than outside.

Its distortion – because of shrinkage of the house, damage of loops or other reasons can be the cause of jamming of a door. In this case try to find a wooden or metal wedge (it is possible to use a strong flat screw-driver, a chisel or other tool) and to hammer it in that place where the door touches a box. If a door heavy, the wedge has to be rather strong.

As soon as it was possible though a little to push a wedge in a crack, try to put a door into place, working with a wedge, as the lever. At the same time pull for the handle that the door opened.