How to connect from a gauze

How to connect from a gauze

Knitting from a gauze or other thin materials very popularly as allows to create an unusual, exclusive product. From a gauze it is possible to connect a bag, a jacket, a cardigan, a vest – any thing will be interesting and memorable. However to receive a qualitative product which will not stretch at the first washing and will not climb, it is necessary to observe a certain technology.

It is required to you

- gauze;
- additional threads;
- strong spokes;
- scissors;
- dye for fabric.

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Take the usual bleached gauze, can buy the medical in a drugstore. The yellowish usual gauze can also be used, but when coloring consider this shade to receive as a result the desirable. The bandage is cut often roughly, besides, the cut edge will get enough sleep therefore take it only as a last resort.

Find a share thread in fabric and, measuring on 6-7 cm, do cuts on edge. Having taken in hand the edge of fabric at the left and to the right of a section, with a force pull in different directions. As a result the gauze has to become torn on a share thread.

If you plan to mix a thread from a gauze with a usual thread, make strips already, it will be easier to knit and the thing will become more durable. Too wide strips will make a cloth more rough, and thin can tear if are not followed by an additional thread.

Having torn off the front page, curtail it into a ball. Tear off the following strip and at once sew its beginning to the end previous, couple of stitches of a white cotton thread. It is possible to extend a thread from a gauze, so you will be precisely sure that it will be painted in the same way, as well as a product (in difference, for example, from threads from polyester which can not be painted at all).

When the ball is ready, take good strong spokes in hand. Usual thin spokes will not approach, the unbending tool is necessary thick (not less than 7-8 mm in the diameter).

Knit as usual, it is possible even a usual smooth surface – threads will be fluffed up subsequently and will give to a product an interesting look. Sew details among themselves a cotton thread, but not cut strip that it did not turn out roughly.

After the product from a gauze is connected, give it a shade any dye for fabric and wash in the washing machine or manually. As a result gauze strips will be tousled and will give things unique chic.