How to develop physical force

How to develop physical force

Force is an ability of the person to cope with external resistance or to resist to him at the expense of muscular tension.
When performing the sports or professional exercises connected with deduction of heavy freights, lifting, lowering, muscles overcome resistance, are shortened and reduced.

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The exercises aimed at the development of physical force are addition to a basic set of exercises with dumbbells. In other words, until you master a complex with easy dumbbells and do not reach the first results, to pass to exercises with heavy dumbbells and a bar is not necessary as it will do harm.


Hold on the hands extended in the parties heavy weights within several seconds. Lift one weight from a floor one hand over the head, lower. Extend hands with dumbbells before yourself, part hands in the parties.
In the same position of hands do "scissors" before yourself. Raise hands with dumbbells up and serially lower hands to shoulders. Squat with dumbbells in hands.


Lift one hand a bar over the head and hold it above. Then shift a bar in other hand and lower. Take a bar two hands, lift over the head, record weight for some seconds, lower.
These exercises promote development of force of all groups of muscles.