How to replace a lightning on a jacket

How to replace a lightning on a jacket

What to do if at you in a jacket the zipper broke. If it is not subject to repair, you can remove an old lightning and sew a working zipper. You do not possess basic skills of sewing, carry a jacket in studio on repair of clothes where to you will qualitatively and quickly make replacement of a lightning.

It is required to you

- zipper;
- special sewing pad;
- threads in tone.

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Unpick an old lightning. Clean all threads and a razutyuzhta jacket floors. Take a new lightning. It has to be similar on color, length and the size with an old lightning. Turn out your jacket on seamy side. Open a lightning and apply one party of a lightning face to face with one of section allowances under a fastener. Be attentive – the band of a lightning has to lie on an allowance and the edge of its cloves has to coincide with priutyuzhenny edge of a section precisely.


Tack one party of a band to an allowance. The beginning of links of a lightning has to recede from edge of a shelf of a jacket on allowance width. Sew right in the middle bands, so it will be more convenient to you. Take care that the thread at the beginning of a basting and was well fixed at the end that the fastener was not displaced from the place when seams on it are processed on the sewing machine. In the top of a jacket the basting needs to be finished accurately level with the termination of a shelf. In the area of a basting you will be guided, in which place it is necessary to stop a machine needle that the seam was accurate.


Make a primetka of the second party of a band in the similar way, only do it in the opposite direction, begin with the party of the runner of a lightning. It needs to be made to avoid roughnesses of a lightning on a ready jacket. It is not necessary to stretch jacket fabric under a band. Otherwise on a finished product the lightning will puff up.


Turn out a jacket it is available and check, whether exactly a pristrochena a lightning. If on a lightning there are roughnesses, dismiss bastings and a peremetayta the necessary party. Take a special sewing pad and establish on the sewing machine. On nametochny stitches sew a lightning to both parties of shelves of a jacket. After you sewed a lightning, remove all bastings and tie the ends of threads small knots.


Close a fastener and turn out a jacket on the face. Press a lightning from seamy side. If all of you made correctly, the lightning will look exactly and beautifully.