How to come into menu recovery

How to come into menu recovery

Recovery Menu on PSP is intended for restoration of the damaged custom insertion of the device, performance of operations of installation of necessary plug-ins, editing parameters of the processor, etc. To come into this menu, make the following.

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Execute switching off of the mobile device. For this purpose move the switch to situation "Is switched off" and wait for disappearance of the green indicator.

Include PSP, having moved the switch "Is included" in situation and having at the same time pressed the right Shift button.

Hold the Shift button pressed until emergence of the Recovery Menu dialog box and examine basic setting up the chosen menu:

- Exit - completion of work of a dialog box;
- Registry Hacks - start a flash player and wma;
- Plugins - the mode of installation of the chosen plug-ins;
- CPU speed - change of parameters of speed of the processor of the device;
- Advanced - the mode of expanded settings intended for experienced users;
- Run Program At - activation of the chosen appendix;
- Configuration - change of settings of the device;
- Toggle USB - activation of work in the USB mode.

Use the option Skip SCE logo for cancellation of display of the Sony logo when loading or choose possibility of concealment of the damaged data in the Game catalog in the Hide Corrupt Icons point (in the Configuration menu).

Start official applications of Sony corporation by means of the Game Folder Homebrew point or include the desirable program in autostart by the option Autorun program at/PSP/Game/Boot/EB OOT.PBP (in the Configuration menu).

Use the Use No-UMD function for possibility of start of the chosen appendices without disk or choose one of the desirable options Fake Region/Free region for definition of the necessary region for UMD Video (in the Configuration menu).

Do not change setting up the Advanced configuration menu without emergency as it can lead to loss of operability of the device.

Specify the desirable speed of the processor in the main menu by means of the Speed in XMB point or change processor speed in appendices, using the option Speed in UMD/ISO in the CPU Speed catalog.

Use an additional option of change of the Input button provided by the Registry Hacks catalog and remember that switching off of the device in the Recovery mode has to be carried out only by the Exit team.