How to prepare salad from a marinated cauliflower?

How to prepare salad from a marinated cauliflower?
For this salad it is not necessary to buy pickled cabbage in shop, and stocks for the winter too do not need to be opened. We will pickle a cauliflower, and then we will make of it tasty salatik.

That is required for preparation

Large head of cabbage of a cauliflower (weighing about a kilogram)
60 ml. apple cider vinegar
Small bulb
120 ml. olive oil
Teaspoon of prepared mustard (not sharp!)
Two tablespoons of greens of parsley
Salt and black ground pepper to taste


We sort cabbage on inflorescences, in hot subsalty water we boil cabbage to the soft crackling state (on time – about two minutes on party).
Bulb it is small cut. We mix in a bowl vinegar with mustard, we pour a thin stream in oil, constantly shaking up a fork. The emulsion has to turn out. To taste we salt and we pepper. We put onions and parsley in marinade, we mix.
We water the boiled cabbage with marinade, we clean in the refrigerator for the night. It is possible to do of cabbage salatik in the morning – to lay out inflorescences about a salad bowl, to add a little oil, it is possible to rub and water carrot with marinade. Bon appetit!