As found new pyramids in Egypt

As found new pyramids in Egypt

In a river basin Nile virtually two new complexes of the Egyptian pyramids were revealed. The American archeologist Angela Mikol is the author of this opening. It spent a lot of time for studying of the special geographical program from Google giving the computer relief image of a surface of Earth.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "As Found New Pyramids in Egypt" That means a pyramid sign with an eye How to stick together a pyramid How to put on in Egypt in the winter during the next studying of photos and cards Angela paid attention to two strange centers of hills. They had a symmetric pyramidal form and flat tops which probably so changed as a result of aeration.

One of these complexes is located near Abu-Sidkhum's town. Besides ancient barrows, each of which has width about 100 meters, at a complex there is a plateau of a triangular form, 189 meters wide. If this plateau is the pyramid basis, with confidence it is possible to assume that it has larger sizes, than Pyramid of Cheops in Giza.

The second region of estimated pyramids is located in 145 kilometers to the North from the first. It has a quadrangular plateau with the basis to equal 43 meters. Scientists intend to visit places of detection of finds. They should or make sure of fidelity of the assumptions, or to disprove them.

If this opening of the American scientist is confirmed during researches on a place, grandiose break in science as today all known pyramids settle down round Cairo can be made.

Pictures on which Angela Mikol leaned during the researches, already underwent the analysis the famous Egyptologist Nabil Selim. According to him, the version of the scientist with high probability can be true. Professor noted that the found small 30-meter barrows are similar constructed at the time of board of the thirteenth dynasty.

It not the only archeological find at which opening new computer technologies were applied. In May, 2011 the scientist-Egyptologist from the USA Sara Parcak by means of the Google Earth program found 17 more lost pyramids in the territory of Egypt. Besides it found constructions and various burials of ancient Egyptians.