How to plaster and shpatlevat

How to plaster and shpatlevat

After construction of a wall plaster process begins. The main task of this process – alignment of a surface. By means of filling correct minor defects and level roughnesses of large volume. The consumption of materials depends on their type and a type of a surface which will undergo finishing.

It is required to you

The directing laths, trowel, the pallet wide, the pallet narrow, the rule, level, capacity for solution preparation, plaster mix, rubber gloves, the mixer for construction mix, a primer, filling, the roller, a tray for the roller, a brush, a step-ladder, a grid for grinding.

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Dissolve plaster mix in the prepared capacity, precisely following the instruction enclosed by the producer. Mix by means of the mixer for construction mixes. Mix should not be liquid. Will expose strictly on level the directing indicators. Extreme the next to you a side has to depart from a wall on 15-30 mm. The amount of the applied mix for alignment will be focused on this distance.


Put in the direction from above - down some sketches of mix. Strengthen the indicator. Expose the indicator correctly on level before mix on which you pasted it dries up. By means of level check horizontal position of installation of a beacon. In those places where it is necessary, accurately adjust it on level.


Expose the following indicator the same as previous. Do not forget that the thrown layer of cement mix should not exceed 30 mm. Otherwise, the plaster coat will fall off the whole piece because of the weight.


The corner between the main and future wall has to be equal to 90 degrees. Be convinced that all corners coincide, install the next indicator. Check it also, by means of level, in two directions. After installation of indicators fix them on a wall surface. Let's mix dry. It will take about 5 hours.


When mix dried, start plastering. Moisten a surface with water that plaster mix contacted to a wall more strongly. Cover with mix a trowel the moistened wall so that it filled with herself all cracks and cracks. Ledge level over indicators – 2-3 mm.


Without allowing to dry, level mix on a surface. Level a surface the long and wide rule from below up. Accurately apply with the pallet solution if it is not enough. Continue until the wall is not leveled. The plastered wall needs 10 days to dry.


Before starting shpatlevat a wall, put a primer by means of the roller. It will prevent formation of fungi and a mold, getting into the minute pores of a covering of a wall, and will provide the maximum coupling of filling with a wall. Pour a primer in a special tray for the roller. Dip the roller into deepening of a tray with a primer, slightly pressing to a flat surface of a tray, wring out surplus. Apply a primer evenly on all surface. In hard-to-reach spots work with a brush.


After drying of a primer start a shpatlevaniye. Start shpatlevat by method from a corner – to the middle. Take in the right hand the wide pallet. Hold it like a racket for game in table tennis. In the left hand – the narrow pallet. The narrow pallet gather filling from capacity and stretch it on the wide pallet. The wide pallet carry out on a wall, stretching filling from a corner on the right – on the left. Then remove by means of the narrow pallet surplus of filling - with wide. Carry out the wide pallet once again on that site where just applied filling, removing surplus. Then a shpatlyuyta the site is higher, with an overlap the previous.


When start a shpatlevaniye of the middle of a wall, use other method. Shpatlyuyte from below up, and surplus remove from top to down, "drawing" the wide pallet semicircles. After each such movement remove filling from the wide pallet.


Let's filling dry. Zashkurite by means of a special grid for grinding. Repeatedly ground a wall surface.


Execute the second filling. Apply filling from a corner in the horizontal direction. Remove surplus in the same direction. At a shpatlevaniye of the middle of a wall apply filling from right to left, and remove surplus, moving in an opposite direction. Let's dry and can start gluing of wall-paper or walls painting.