When in the Moscow subway there are trains with pass through all cars

When in the Moscow subway there are trains with pass through all cars

In 2014 the subway of the capital will update rolling stocks. Now there takes place development of specifications. It is planned to buy the trains "Rusich" and cars of 760 series in which there will be passes through platforms.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When in the Moscow Subway There Are Trains with Pass through All Cars" How to get to the Kiev station Where in Moscow will open new metro stations What stations of the Moscow subway will construct in the center on July 12, 2012 the chief of the capital subway Ivan Besedin declared that since 2013 the regeneration of rolling stocks will begin. In the subway rolling stocks "Rusich" and cars of 760 series which will be equipped with through passes will start working.

By 2016 in the capital subway there will be no old rolling stocks. The improved characteristics of new cars will allow citizens to reach an appointment point with the greatest comfort.

Through pass from the head to a tail of structure will allow citizens to be distributed on all train. It will help to avoid a chaos. For example, the person who very much hurried and could drop in only in the last car, will be able freely to reach the very first car and to leave safe in the right place.

Now in rush hours the subway is literally crowded passengers who need to reach the destination. As a result cars are filled unevenly. The part of cars of a rolling stock is crowded while some remain almost empty.

New technical requirements on rolling stocks where all technical characteristics will be changed will be in the nearest future issued. As soon as all development ends, information will appear on the site of the subway and will be dispatched to global manufacturers of mobile structures of the subway for carrying out an assessment. In 2014 the tender will be announced and contracts for delivery of cars are signed.

Besedin also added that in 2012 will buy more than 300 new cars. They will be used at new metro stations: "Pyatnitskaya", "Novokosino", Arbat and Pokrovsk and Kalinin line.

The innovation expects also foreign guests of the capital. In 2012 all indexes at transfer stations will be duplicated in English. Mister Besedin gave such information to ITAR-TASS.