How to cut a nape

How to cut a nape

To have hair cut independently difficult, but it is possible. However in the course of a hairstyle most of all of efforts the occipital part of the head can deliver, to consider which it is possible, having only imposed with mirrors or having settled down at a three-leaved mirror.

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Wash up the head and slightly dry up by means of a towel. Moist hair are more pliable and easily get the necessary form in the course of a hairstyle. Absolutely wet hair cannot be cut and combed as at this time their structure is most vulnerable. If your hair are painted or weakened by a chemical wave, apply on them a little balm before starting a hairstyle.


If you decided to have hair cut by means of the machine, prepare it and establish on it a nozzle, according to the desirable length of hair. As any hairstyle "under the machine" begins with a nape, lift a hairbrush of a lock of hair from this part of the head forward, to a forehead.


Start processing a nape, densely adjoining to a head surface a machine nozzle that hair were cut off at the same level. Cut the second strip of hair to the right of the first, and the machine has to be installed so that its left side could pass across the region of earlier cut off strip. After a nape you can pass to a parietal and temporal zone.


If you decided to cut a nape hair by means of scissors in case you have no house of a three-leaved mirror, it is better to ask about it members of household or to address in a hairdressing salon. If the three-leaved mirror after all is, that, as experiment, it is possible to try to cut a nape hair independently.


Divide the vertical and horizontal hair partings passing through a cinciput, hairy part of the head on 4 zones. Record by means of clips of border of zones.


Clean clips from a nape and carry out a horizontal hair parting approximately at the level of ears. Fix the top locks clips. Cut the lower part of a nape in the form of a toe. Through 1-2 cm separate part of hair one more horizontal hair parting, cut appeared in the bottom of a lock as well as last time, but is slightly shorter. Cut a nape hair, gradually rising up to that time, do not reach a horizontal hair parting at the level of ears yet.


That hair, cut on a nape, looked accurately processed, take thinning shears and thin out them a little.