How to bring Lada Priora to a frost

How to bring Lada Priora to a frost

The on the street becomes colder, the it is more difficult to start the car. Many motorists faced problems of start of the car in frosts. Lada Priora, as well as some other cars, it is difficult to bring to a frost.

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Starting starting the car, do not twist a starter more than 20 seconds. It is useless, and you only quickly put the accumulator. Between attempts to start the engine do an interval of 20 – 30 seconds.


Turn on a passing beam for 1-2 minutes. It will help to warm up the engine a little. Here the main thing not to overdo, and that it is possible and to put the accumulator completely.


Prior's Lada – the car with the injector engine therefore do not press a gas pedal at start. And as a transmission mechanical, before start it is necessary to squeeze out a coupling pedal. Do not try to start the car "from the pusher" is only will do much harm to your car.


If the car is not started, open a cowl and look, whether wires are strongly attached to the accumulator. Check a condition of candles. In need of them it is necessary to replace or clean.


If the accumulator sat down, there is a way to start the car, "having lit" from other accumulator. Use for this purpose special wires. Connect them two accumulators and try to start the car.


The extreme way of start of the engine is an application of radio connection. It is injected into an inlet collector. It is possible to get special means in any autoshop.