How to wash a bathtub from a rust

How to wash a bathtub from a rust

Snow-white bathtub - dream of any hostess. But rust spots, unfortunately, phenomenon rather widespread. It is possible to remove them as by means of the modern means which are widely presented on counters of shops, and using the checked national councils and recipes.

It is required to you

- liquid ammonia;
- hydrogen peroxide;
- oxalic acid;
- vinegar (9%);
- table salt;
- soda;
- turpentine;
- kitchen sponge;
- rubber gloves.

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Liquid ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen will help to get rid of a rust in a bathroom to you. It is possible to get them in any drugstore. Mix these components in equal proportions. Moisten a sponge with an abrasive covering in the received solution and rub necessary sites of defeat. This procedure can be used and as prevention, wiping a bathroom 2-3 times a month.

If spots in your bathroom rather deep, use oxalic acid. For this purpose process necessary sites this means and leave for 20-30 minutes. After that by means of a kitchen sponge and warm water remove the acid remains.

Mix of table salt and vinegar also effectively cope with rust spots. For its preparation mix 3 tablespoons of acetic acid and 1 tablespoon of table salt. This mix process a rust and leave for 20-30 minutes. After that carefully rub the polluted site a kitchen sponge and remove the means remains with warm clear water.

If the rust on a bathroom was formed recently, you will be helped by usual soda. Rub an affected area soda gruel during 5-10 rumple. After that remove the means remains with warm water. In case of need repeat procedure.

Turpentine will help to wash old spots of a rust. For this purpose at first process a bathtub usual table salt. Moisten a kitchen sponge in turpentine and carefully rub affected areas. After that remove the remains of means with clear water. These works need to be performed in special rubber gloves and an apron.

If to remove rust spots with national recipes and councils it is not possible, ask for the help the expert. The skilled master will professionally update a covering, using modern means and procedures. Such bathroom will serve to you not one more years and will look as new.