How to choose a pan from stainless steel

How to choose a pan from stainless steel

The ware from a stainless steel enjoys the increasing popularity among the Russian hostesses. It heat resisting and easy in leaving, are not deformed and extremely attractively looks. Modern alloys do not allocate any substances, harmful to an organism, and the food in qualitative products long does not spoil. However it is necessary to choose a pan from stainless steel, previously having estimated it from the different parties.

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Probe a pan bottom from a stainless steel. It has to be thicker, will heat up then more evenly. The food will not burn slightly. In a good steel pan there is a double or threefold bottom – in it disks from copper, bronze or aluminum for heat conductivity improvement are built in. Thus the aluminum layer will not allocate in food anything harmful, after all it is covered with strong stainless steel.


Look, whether at a bottom, equal at a pan, whether there are no deformations at it. Will depend on it, the lower layer of food will heat up how evenly. It is good if from within the ware has a corrugated bottom – it antiprigarny. In such pan the food can be cooked without oil addition. It is especially important if you keep to a diet or in the house there is a small child.


Check quality of a cover of a product. It has to be closed very densely. Modern transparent covers from heat resisting glass are very convenient – you will be able to watch cooking, without opening a pan.


Pay attention to additional useful details which the qualitative pan from a stainless steel can have:
• the wooden handle allows to do without tacks;
• the small opening on a cover will leave steam;
• some models are supplied with the sensor which shows liquid temperature in a pan;
• the welded handles the strongest;
• fashionable removable handles save more place in a case;
• some handles at plum of hot broths press a cover.


Estimate appearance of a pan. If it pleases you with the gloss, it not only is beautiful, but also is practical. According to experts, opaque surfaces cool down much quicker than the brilliant. Therefore if you buy ware from the gleaming stainless steel, the food in it will is long remain hotter.