How to contain shop

How to contain shop

The maintenance of shop is important process which in many respects determines the level of efficiency of its work. Pay attention to some important points which need to be provided for the competent maintenance of shop.

It is required to you

- planning of obligatory expenses;
- planning of repairs, replacements of the equipment;
- optimization of processes of trade.

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The maintenance of shop – responsible process which can promote both to business prosperity, and its compelled closing. In general the maintenance of shop costs much enough, and at first after opening even at the skillful management and competent policy and strategy of work the first real "pure" profit can be received not really soon. The point of profitability is reached at best (for small shop) in 3-4 months.

First of all provide articles of an expense which should be paid monthly. Treat that: utility payments (turning on if necessary phone and the Internet), security service, compensation of the janitor and cleaner, maintenance (bathroom equipment, the electrician etc.), expenses on advertizing. Considering these questions, at once define for yourself that enters duties of this object (for example, which territory round shop needs to be contained, and if the room, for example, is leased, whether the lessor has to these be engaged).

Also be defined, what types of repair should be carried to urgent and as not urgent repairs often have to be carried out; as cleaning and in what volume often has to be carried out; what actions according to the maintenance of shop have to be carried out on the weekend, and other similar questions.

Allocate with a single question the maintenance of the equipment of shop: as it will be often checked, be modernized, be replaced with the new. And pay special attention to the maintenance of goods (quality of unloading, storage, preparation for sale, an apportion and another).

The organization of process of service of buyers also treats the maintenance of shop. Create optimum conditions for acquaintance of visitors with the range of goods in shop, give them opportunity of an independent choice, check conscientious performance by sellers of the official duties. Think over a complex of the additional services urged to attract buyers: beginning from free packages on cash desks and finishing with various actions, discounts and sales.

Consider that finally competently organized maintenance of shop provides high economic efficiency of its work.