The thermohairstyle is harmful or useful?

The thermohairstyle is harmful or useful?
Today with hairdresser's salons the hairstyle enjoys hot scissors wide popularity (thermohairstyle). One experts tell about its advantage, others, about harm, we will try to understand it …

Strongly heated scissors in itself cannot spoil hair just as and carefully ground cold tools of the hairdresser, a problem create only stupid working subjects of the master, they injure a hair stalk then there is all a known section of the ends of hair.
The thermohairstyle is too not able to cure sore hair, it is possible to bring them into a due look only by means of long recovery and nutritious procedures, such as masks, rinsings by herb infusions, use of various balms.
Remember, the condition of your hair for 99 percent depends on how you look after them also the general condition of your organism.