How to get rid of a web tick on window plants?

How to get rid of a web tick on window plants?
The web tick can be got on any houseplant. If leaflets on a houseplant are covered with a thin and dense spider line, means it is time to begin fight against a tick.

As well as than it is possible to bring a web tick from window plants? First it is necessary to understand the reason of appearance of this wrecker. Its name says that there lives a tick in dust. That is, if a houseplant not to spray, not to wash leaves. If leaves are covered with a thick dust layer, probability of that in a flower such tick will be got is very high.

The tick web does not love moisture, dampness and the more so does not love water. Therefore also fight against it simple - by means of water. A flower on which this wrecker lodged it is necessary to wash out properly under the crane. It is possible to wipe simply each leaflet a damp tampon. It is desirable to wipe not only leaves, but also flower stalks.

If some leaves are quite strongly struck by a tick, they should be torn off and thrown out.
As a rule after the first bathing the web tick is brought from a flower. The houseplant relieved of a tick is recommended to be sprayed periodically flowing water. Or simply periodically to wipe all leaflets water (to wash them).

If not to bring a web tick - the flower can be lost.