How to start up smoke rings

How to start up smoke rings

In spite of the fact that smoking is unhealthy and causes strong dependence, many people continue to cultivate this habit. Process of smoking can be a miscellaneous. One of effective ways of a vypuskaniye of a tobacco smoke – to start up a smoke rings. For this purpose a little skill and practicians is necessary.

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Pick up brand of cigarettes with a fortress above an average for training in this effect since the cigarettes – the more densely and nasyshchenny a smoke are stronger.


Light a cigarette. Make a two-three of inhalings. Now it is possible to start practice.


Be tightened by a cigarette more deeply usual that the greatest possible quantity of a smoke got to lungs.


Give to lips the form of a circle or a letter "O". Make a sharp exhalation so that language appeared in the center of a stream of a smoke. Make it several times. Probability of success from the first the almost zero. Ability comes with practice.


Try to let out a smoke through the lips which are turned off into a circle, but without the aid of language. Exhalations have to be short and frequent. If it turns out badly – try to move at an exhalation lips so as if say a combination of the letters "OU". Train. And the smoke will obey you …