How to pin up a crest

How to pin up a crest

Recently the crest won the leading positions in the world of fashion and beauty again. The convenient and reliable accessory for hair is capable to give chic even to the simplest hairdress, the main thing, it is correct pin up it.

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Choose a crest, which to you to liking. For example, you can like the vintage comb which became popular recently or a comb with an easy raid of old times. And maybe, despite of fashionable trends, you will prefer a crest with pastes or a wooden comb with wide teeths. A choice for you.


If you have long hair, you will suit a romantic womanly hairdress with temper behind. For this purpose slightly tighten up tips of hair by means of the curling iron. Raise locks from sides, having left some ringlets free. Collect hair behind and pin up a crest above.


Owners of long hair should advising the following evening option. Collect hair in a high tail an elastic band. Divide them in a tail on 8-10 of the locks identical on thickness, apply gel of strong fixing or hair mousse. Further twirl hair in plaits which lift to the basis of a tail and pin up a crest so that it was not visible an elastic band. Can use several hairpins, pinning up them on each side and in the bottom of a tail.


If you have hair of average length, prefer more creative hairdress. At first carefully smooth hair with the iron on all length. Comb them back, then divide into three identical parts. Take average and accurately pin up it a comb upward. Two other parts of hair leave free.


The hairdress in Japanese style is intended for long and average hair. At first collect hair in a high tail and divide it into two parts identical on thickness. Now wind one part round the second. Then twist the second part round the first so that finally the beautiful bunch turned out. Only rotate for the second time in an opposite direction. Pin up a bunch from above a crest, and on the center decorate with the Chinese sticks.