How to leave the lover

How to leave the lover

If we speak about the lover, it means that you – is married. Not important, as well as why it happened that you started changing, but sooner or later if you decided to keep the family, you should leave. How to make this procedure less painful?

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Stop to deceive yourself. Continuous deception and lie which accompany change, harmful affect nervous system and, eventually, the general health. If you are still strongly attached to the lover, maybe, it is worth looking at him without pink glasses of love. Look narrowly at it, find some negative lines, call an artistic mess in its apartment – untidiness, its delay – a carelessness to you, lack of gifts – greed. Even, if it and not so, parting becomes easier.


Talk to it. If both of you are quiet, balanced people, he will respect your choice and will not begin to insist on continuation of the relations. Worse if your lover – the neurasthenic, it is necessary to try here to accustom him to thought of inevitable separation. Convince him that parting – is inevitable. It is simpler to that to make it that you have a family. Here you do not palter if refer to attachment to the husband and love of children.


Provoke it to a gap. Here we, women, do not know to ourselves equal. There is a set of ways – make scandals, saw it, demand the impossible. It is quite enough of it that any understood that you – not the woman of his dream.


Vanish for a long time. Be engaged, at last, in affairs which you constantly postponed, go to courses, devote free time to yourself, children and the husband. Do not answer its calls and letters, let know that it is not boring for you and you can quite do without its presence at the life.


Do not pull. If this decision – to leave the lover, ripened in your head, it is not necessary to pull, it is better to place at once all points, let such gap will be more painful, but it will allow to preserve many nerves, forces and time.