How to find and keep love

How to find and keep love

Each person wants to find the love, and, as a rule, at least once in life it happens to all. But as there is a lot of before eyes of examples when it was succeeded to keep it not everyone. Agree, you have acquaintances who once did not imagine also day the friend without friend, their love seemed eternal, but here passed some time, their feelings to each other somewhere were gone also everyone quietly went the own way, having forgotten about the former love. To find and keep love, to carry by it through all vital disorders – a task not from simple.

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As it paradoxically sounds, but the self-sacrificing love is available only to the person who loves himself, such person is capable to love and appreciate the environment, recognizing for you the same right for love to himself. Themselves loved usually without any preliminary conditions. You should not bind the love to any material welfare or to any acts and actions from darling. Love it just like that, regardless of circumstances which can often change.


To keep his love, do not forget about preservation and development of the own personality and interests. You have to protect always the identity and have the private life. It will allow you to keep interest in itself of your partner or husband. In happy marriage both spouses if you completely devote yourself to other person are happy, from it only it will be happy. At you the offenses connected with own implementation failure which sometime will surely be splashed out outside will start being saved.


You have to know that the relations and feelings are cyclic. Even the strongest love at certain moments can weaken in order that then to inflame again. Be able to endure quietly these periods as at yourself, and your husband, this absolutely normal phenomenon and it is not necessary to panic and suspect him or himself that the love passed.


For preservation of the relations you have to communicate and discuss as much as possible everything that you excited or caused interest. Such close communication, ability to listen and understand each other, promotes trust and rallies a family. Your house has to be that place where you feel in heat, a cosiness and safety. In this case both of you will aspire in it, and you will manage to keep your feelings for a long time.