How to be when betray

How to be when betray

Treachery of the loved one – big test in our life. Those who faced treachery at least once, understand how it is sick. However you should not lose courage. It is better to apprehend a situation when you are betrayed as an important vital lesson. If you got to it, your task – not to allow repetition.

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Deal with that you consider as treachery. Very often people in a situation of a stress are inclined to exaggerate injuriousness of actions of other people. Whether really the person violated the promises, or he did not even promise you that you from it waited. Let's tell if the girl was betrayed by the guy, having changed her, it is necessary to understand, whether he promised it to be loyal. Modern men sometimes do not even hide the intentions to have relations with several women. Usually so yet the guys who did not decide on a choice behave. If it is your case, not the fact, what even change can be considered as treachery.


Study the level of the expectations. Especially important point for those who was betrayed more than once. Perhaps a problem what you ask from people too many and if they not in forces to fulfill all requirements, you declare them traitors? Other pole of a problem – the underestimated expectations. If you initially consider people as enemies and villains, it is simpler to them not to strain to look good in your eyes. Intuitively they understand that difficult to please some people because they do not wait for anything good. Here also do not try.


Study behavior of the traitor, make his psychological portrait. It is necessary in order that in the future to behave more carefully with people who behave similarly. Very seldom treachery happens suddenly. As a rule, there is a set of circumstantial evidences of that someone with you is dishonest. Analyse the intuition which in the past prompted to you that the person can deceive. Try to be more attentive in the future to similar manifestations of character.