How to freeze mushrooms

How to freeze mushrooms

Freezing of mushrooms gives the chance as much as possible to keep all their useful properties. At all seeming simplicity of process, certain specifics of how to freeze mushrooms for the winter, are available.

It is required to you

Mushrooms, capacities for storage, the freezer

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It is possible to freeze as the crude mushrooms which are so already prepared. Before freezing mushrooms, they need to be washed out carefully not to allow presence in them of sand and particles of the earth, and then to cut off the lower part of a fruit stem. After that mushrooms are dried by means of a towel or paper napkins. It becomes quickly enough as the increase in an interval between washing and preparation of mushrooms attracts to their darkening.


For freezing it is possible to use any grades of mushrooms, the only requirement concerns their integrity. If a mushroom worm-eaten to store it during long term harmfully. Small mushrooms can be frozen entirely, however in this case they occupy in the freezer bigger quantity of a place, than crushed. Large mushrooms are cut on part, give all the best in one layer on a chopping board which is put in the freezer.


After mushrooms freeze, they can be poured in any convenient container, from the plastic container to a plastic bag. This way allows to avoid pasting of their slices with each other during a freezing. Store such mushrooms in the freezer within a year. It is possible to use them for preparation of the same dishes in which also fresh mushrooms are used. The defrozen mushrooms prepare immediately and to repeated freezing are not subject as in them microbes too quickly breed. For preparation of soup mushrooms need to be used directly from the freezer, without defreezing.