How to reduce a sweater

How to reduce a sweater

Unfortunately, many things which are fallen in love to us quickly spoil after one or several washings. And not always it can depend on quality of clothes. Let's say you bought a beautiful woolen sweater, and after the first washing it strongly stretched, became shapeless one-two sizes more. Such happens. Perhaps, incorrectly erased, did not pay attention to water temperature, not so dried, etc. But such thing still can be rescued, knowing some simple ways of restoration of the stretched clothes.

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At first be defined, from what material your sweater. It can be natural wool, jersey with wool addition, and, maybe, it in general is made of synthetics. It is important as just the composition of fabric will define your further actions. Usually producers designate ratios of fibers in fabric on seamy side on a label where recommendations are shown how to wash this thing on which you, most likely, did not turn from the very beginning of attention.


Let's say you learned that your sweater consists of natural wool, well or others, the most important, natural fabrics. Now kill him in very hot water and leave for 10-15 minutes. In this case can not add powder though some use means when soaking for woolen things (liquid means best of all will approach).


Now accurately wash off it hands, but do not rub at all and do not squeeze out a sweater. So he can unevenly sit down. Then lower it already in very cold water and again let's it lie down of 15-20 minutes. It is considered that wool very much sits down in hot water therefore also your sweater has to decrease surely in sizes.


Now final and most important point. After the thing lay down a little in cold water, let's it flow down independently, without squeezing out and without unscrewing. After that arrange a sweater on a horizontal surface, having enclosed an oilcloth, a towel or something like it. Straighten it hands, having given it the correct and uniform form. The sweater has to be in such family way until finally does not dry.