How to part champignons

How to part champignons

It is possible to part champignons practically everywhere: in hotbeds, an open ground and a shed. The most favorable place of cultivation of mushrooms – the cellar, but only if it not too crude. The most important in cultivation of champignons – to pave the correct way and soil, a certain degree of humidity and warmth. Champignons contain a large amount of irreplaceable amino acids and vitamins. Besides mushrooms are a low-calorie product therefore are recommended to the people keeping to a diet.

It is required to you

- Horse and sheep manure,
- earth,
- thermometers,
- water,
- shampinyonny myceliums.

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First of all it is necessary to prepare and process manure. For this purpose you will need horse manure with a hybrid sheep which needs to be touched and removed large straw. Manure needs to be cleaned in the prepared place, far from direct sunshine and to protect from rain hit. The layer of manure has to make no more than 30 centimeters and carefully trample down. 3 days later manure decomposition will start happening, at this time it is necessary to start shifting manure and to do it until manure does not become soft. To make a turn not less than 5-6 times. Before the last turn manure needs to be squeezed out that excess water flew down.


To dig out a ditch in an open ground of 40 centimeters in depth and 50-80 centimeters wide. To fill a ditch with the prepared manure so that quite big hill from above towered and from above to powder with the earth.


It is necessary to insert thermometers into beds to watch temperature. When temperature reaches 30 degrees it is possible to start landing of mushrooms. If beds dry, it is necessary to water them previously.


On more right part of a bed to make openings of 1 cm in depth at distance of 20 cm from each other. In these deepenings to put pieces of a shampinyonny mycelium which size has to be about egg. From above to cover with a small layer of manure and densely to stamp all bed boards.


10-12 days later after landing of champignons it is possible to notice germination of white thin threads. In 3-4 weeks all bed will be penetrated by a mycelium, then it will be necessary to fill from above a layer of the damp earth height 2sm.


In 2 weeks mushrooms in the form of small white points which start growing promptly will start appearing.