How to tie hockey skates

How to tie hockey skates

The good lacing of hockey skates is, first of all, a guarantee of your comfortable driving. Nevertheless if the fad also does not fly from your foot, it does not mean yet that it is laced well up. You can a small gap and not feel, but skates at the wrong lacing will fit a foot badly that will affect movement speed. And speed in hockey is very important characteristic.

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Laces the too thick should not be. The best choice is laces from nylon which can also a little to stretch. The fad boot to a place of a bend of your foot needs to be recorded more tightly, and then to fix this part of a lacing by means of simple knot with an additional crossing of laces. It is recommended to make a lacing outside inside that daggers from laces at you lay on a boot uvula, from below. So the boot will adjoin more densely to a foot.


Directly about fingers the lacing cannot be tightened too hardly not to break blood supply. Though the foot also should not be turned in a boot, and the sock from an insole should not separate. If on your boot there is the lower couple of hooks, and also the top couple of openings, tighten laces so that the heel adjoined to back part of a boot and an insole rather densely.


Not to complicate to itself process of back bending of foot during certain movements, finish a lacing rather freely, strongly without pulling laces. Professionals recommend to check on each couple of holes or hooks, whether it is possible to sit down quietly or not.


More conveniently and more densely skates which boots are equipped with hooks, but not openings standing sit. Hooks considerably facilitate process of a lacing, and also allow to remove footwear for an otogrev of feet and rest is much more often. The distance between hooks on the laced-up boot has to make, at least, 2-2,5 cm. During a lacing of top of boots, cover with a lace from above of a hook then get under it down, then upward in the direction of the following hook. So at you something will turn out like a loop round each of hooks. It will allow a lacing to keep well.