How to look after table knives?

How to look after table knives?
For certain many noticed that if to leave knives from stainless steel in the dryer, after a while, under the influence of water, they become covered by a rust. How to prevent it?
It is necessary to look after table knives carefully as, often, material of which they are made, is not stainless steel for hundred percent. Here following simple rules of care of table knives:
1) Knives should be stored only in a dry place.
2) After their washing it is necessary to wipe carefully dry.
3) Periodically it is necessary to rub knives to gloss as the polished surface of knives has big resilience to a rust.
4) The formed rust, sometimes, testifies to the high content of chlorine in water, the spots which arose thereof can be removed with special means.
5) If on a knife there is quite old spot, it is necessary to oil it vegetable, and then to leave for thirty-forty minutes. After that it is necessary to rub a knife by means of an emery paper and it will begin to shine as the newcomer!