How to make whipped cream

How to make whipped cream
How to make whipped cream

The sweet dish, whether it be magnificent pie, cakes or refined dessert becomes the real decoration of a holiday table always. Sometimes it is the whole works of art. Earlier the main decoration of such sweets confectioners had the cream prepared on the basis of butter. Now even more often confectioners give preference to whipped cream due to their lightness, gentle taste and smaller caloric content. To make desserts with whipped cream in house conditions or to decorate with them pastries very easily, it is necessary to know only a few small cunnings.

The preparation time of 35 minutes is required to you Cream of 20 — 35% of fat content; The Mixer or the blender with a frame nozzle. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Make Whipped Cream" How to prepare chicken fillet in cream How to prepare whipped cream for a pie How to prepare cream sauce



Cow cream not less than 20% of fat content is suitable for beating. Cream of smaller fat content at you can simply not be shaken up.

For beating of cream use the mixer or the blender with one or two frame nimbuses. It is also possible to use and the manual mixer.


Before beating cool cream in the refrigerator.
Start shaking up cream at the smallest speed. Gradually increase beating speed.


If according to the recipe it is required to add sugar to whipped cream, enter it gradually in the course of beating in the small portions. And it is even better if you instead of sugar use icing sugar. It does not make heavier whipped cream and is easier dissolved in them.
As soon as cream is shaken up in strong foam and keeps the form on a nimbus, beating should be stopped.


Upon termination of beating lay out cream in a pastry bag and use for decoration of pies or production of desserts. Correctly whipped cream long keeps the form and does not settle.