How to sharpen tape saws

How to sharpen tape saws

The tape saw — is the tool in which the continuous metal belt with teeths or other cutting devices on one of edges is used. At constant loading of a saw zatuplyatsya and therefore periodically it is necessary to carry out their sharpening. Process of sharpening very difficult, after all the wrong sharpening of the tool can lead to violation of geometry of a surface. As to sharpen tape saws?

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Remove a tape saw which is the integral basis of any power-saw bench

Whether check tool teeths are tempered. As if they are tempered, it is necessary to use the expensive tool with a diamond covering.

Establish a tape saw densely between a wooden vice and clamp in a workbench, differently it will vibrate that considerably will reduce quality of sharpening. Process should be begun between teeths round the basis of a hollow and to continue up and along a reverse side of a tooth by one continuous movement. But do not forget that width of a vice should not be less than 200 mm.

Perform visual inspection of the cloth of a tape saw on availability of sand, oil, pitch, metal sawdust. If you found any element from above listed, clean off them a brush and wooden whetstone.

Take away the cutting teeth on 3 mm from their starting position. If to take away them even more, it is possible to break purpose of the cutting tooth. It will make marriage and quickly enough repair will be required

Carry out sharpening of each cutting tool tooth separately. Do not forget that at such process former drawing of sharpening has to remain. Try to remove identical amount of metal, thereby keeping an invariable profile, height and a step of teeths of a saw after sharpening.

Very accurately return teeths to a starting position, after all the correct arrangement of teeths provides a power stream of air, cooling of steel and removal of sawdust.

Establish a tape saw on a power-saw bench and fix it.