How to put a luggage carrier on VAZ 2110

How to put a luggage carrier on VAZ 2110

Installation of a luggage carrier considerably increases opportunities for transportation of various freights by the car VAZ-2110 - from apparatuses, such as skis or the bicycle, to lengthy construction boards or even easy piles. At the same time the luggage carrier which is unsuccessfully fixed on support is capable not only to spoil appearance of the car, but also to create an emergency on the road. Therefore it is important to know how it is correct to establish it on a car roof.

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Choose a suitable luggage carrier, proceeding from the sizes of freight which will need to be transported, and also estimated load of a roof in transit. Pay attention to material of which product details are made. It is better if they are from galvanized steel. The plastic covering is admissible. Do not buy a luggage carrier from soft metal, especially if plan to carry really heavy freights. Such luggage carriers quickly lose the operational qualities. It is important that in the course of assembly any special tools were not used.

Buying a luggage carrier, do not forget that the roof of the car VAZ-2110 has no the water taking away trenches. Therefore such luggage carrier which has fastenings to a roof edge is necessary.

Begin with fixing of support for installation on a roof of the car of two cross beams. Not to damage a door, support have to rest precisely in a sealant. Otherwise the paint and varnish covering VAZ-2110 can suffer.

Put forward the regulating handle. Accurately holding a support, twist the handle clockwise until contact of a support with a car body does not become rather dense. Bypass a car and repeat process with the second support. Act smoothly, do not overwind the handle. Control flatness of a cross beam that the geometry was not broken. After the end of procedure check fastening density from two parties of a roof.

Repeat process with the second cross beam. Measure distance between beams. It has to be identical on all their extent.

After the end of installation of the main design of a luggage carrier attach service boxing. It allows to transport various freights, without paying attention to weather conditions. Thus boxing releases salon of the car, doing it more spacious and convenient for passengers. Some models have a shock-resistant covering and the lock that in combination with belts for internal fixing of freight allows to hope for safety of contents of boxing even in extreme situations.