How to bring the body into a form

How to bring the body into a form

That your body was beautiful, it is necessary to give it as much attention and time, how many you give to the person and manicure. It is necessary to take into consideration as needs of a body for the general leaving, and his specific features demanding special leaving and attention of you. Many girls and women do not know that the beautiful body can be made in house conditions and own hands. Actually everything is very simple.

It is required to you

- healthy nutrition;
- charging;
- water procedures;
- run;
- dances;
- fitness club;
- sports.

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For a start understand a diet of the food. If there is a need, pick up for yourself a personal diet. Refuse fat food, sweet and do not eat before going to bed. Break meal on five-six times a day on small portions. So it is much better acquired and loads an organism much less. Watch water balance, drink not less than two liters of water in day. Try to refuse meal after six o'clock in the evening, use as much as possible fruit and vegetables in the raw.


Every day, getting up in the morning, do exercises. It will beat off drowsiness, will strengthen a body and will keep you in a tone all remained day. Charging has to take not less than fifteen-twenty minutes in day. Poprisedayte, jump, do moves feet, porazvodit hands, shake a press. Carry out all exercises in tension if it is simple to stand and inertly to swing hands and feet, it will not bring any benefit. After charging the contrast shower will become excellent continuation for you.


If you wishIf you wish to create a beautiful body - do not forget about run. Choose a distance is not shorter than two kilometers. Begin run slowly, count the forces that they were enough for all distance. For a start run once a week, in any time of day, convenient for you. Then, when will pass some time, it will be possible to run also two-three times a week.


Register in fitness club or in dances. These occupations include yoga, belly dance, aerobics and other exercises which can help with increase in a tone of muscles. If for visit of these institutions there is no time, turn on the favourite music and dance houses. Occupation by dances not only will strengthen muscles, but also will present you cheerfulness and excellent mood.


Play more sports in the fresh air. Soccer, beach volleyball will help you not only to bring itself into an excellent form, but also will deliver the mass of pleasure. Besides, playing sports, you will absolutely forget that are engaged in physical activities.